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  Delivering Added Value
Changing Attitudes
We teach that conflict is a normal part of our lives which can bring about important and positive changes, if dealt with quickly, effectively and in a collaborative manner.

Changing Process
In traditional legal proceedings, the problem must "fit into" the process. We begin by working with the client to understand the nature of the conflict, then adapt a process accordingly. We maximize every opportunity to resolve collaboratively and produce lasting results.

Changing Roles
At all stages our clients play an active part in resolving the conflict. Our professionals perform various roles according to the circumstances and the needs of the client.

Better Relations
Relationships deteriorate or even terminate when conflicts grow into disputes and legal battles begin. Our conflict services can help protect, and even enhance relationships and preserve good will.

Cost Effectiveness
Conflict can be costly, time consuming and energy depleting. Through prevention and early intervention conflict is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Creative Solutions
Instead of judging the outcome of a dispute, we encourage clients to think creatively and negotiate "win-win" solutions, and we give people the tools to prevent and manage conflict in the future.