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  Donald E. Hushion, B.A., B.C.L., CM
Donald Hushion is a certified management consultant specializing in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). He is an experienced consultant, trainer, mediator, facilitator, and executive coach. He has over twenty five years experience helping individuals and organizations learn how to manage conflict appropriately and build satisfying and productive working relationships.

In addition to facilitating the development and application of conflict management systems and strategies, he has also developed and delivered numerous training programs and other positive centered interventions directed at giving individuals and groups essential negotiation and conflict resolution skills to manage their relationship issues effectively and appropriately. Within the Federal Government alone he has facilitated over a hundred different group processes related to relationship building for such clients as the Department of Finance, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal, Corrections Canada, and Public Works and Government Services Canada. He has trained over five hundred people in negotiation and conflict management on behalf of such clients as the Canadian Centre for Management Development (CCMD), the Public Service Commission, Natural Resources Canada, Environment Canada, Human Resources Development Canada, Justice Canada, the Department of National Defence, and the RCMP.

As a founding principal of Resolution Alliance Inc., Mr. Hushion brings to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution a rich background of knowledge and experience as a lawyer, senior public sector executive, regulator, and certified management consultant. In addition to his knowledge of ADR principles and practices, he is also able to draw upon his considerable and unique practical experience in organization planning and development, community development, regulatory affairs, labour relations and strategic change management in helping clients address a broad range of important and complex inter and inter organizational relationship issues..

Mr. Hushion is an Honoured Fellow of the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution, past Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dispute Resolution Centre for Ottawa-Carleton, a member of the Society of Professionals in Dispute Resolution, a member of the Mediation and Arbitration Institute of Ontario, and a member of the Ottawa-Carleton Board of Trade's Task Force on Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is also active in a number of community based projects which are exploring better ways to resolve conflicts, settle disputes and improve the operation of our justice and legal systems.