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  Howie Clavier
Drawing on backgrounds in law (Québec Bar 1984), and architecture (Québec Order of Architects 1974), Howie currently practices as a mediator, trainer and facilitator. He has also participated in several ad hoc arbitrations as well as those under the auspices of the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Québec (IAMQ), and the National and International Center for Commercial Arbitration of Québec (CACNIQ). He is an accredited mediator with both these institutions as well as with the Québec Bar and the Ottawa Court Connected Mediation Project.

Howie has given seminars and conferences both nationally and internationally and has designed and directed workshops for the Québec Bar, private organizations, and government agencies such as the Federal Department of Justice, and the Department of Public Works and Government Services all on the topics of interest-based negotiations, alternative dispute resolution, partnering, mediation and arbitration. Workshops given on negotiations and conflict management have been well received in such diverse locations as Iceland, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Czech Republic.

With emphasis on team-building and collaboration for the prevention and resolution of conflicts, Howie has been associated with the NATO Pilot Study on Indoor Air Quality which has seen him facilitate workshops and give conferences in Belgium, Finland, Russia, Hungary and Italy.

Howie is fluent in both French and English. A complete c.v. can be obtained upon request.