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  Conflict Management Systems Design (CMSD
We facilitate the design of conflict management systems tailored to an organization's needs through ensuring the involvement of and ownership by the key stakeholders.

More than ever before organizations are questioning the direct and indirect costs associated with workplace conflict. Managers and employees, clients and contractors are thinking twice about using traditional win-lose adversarial approaches because they often cause even greater damage to personal and organizational relationships. At the same time, we are beginning to appreciate the extent to which unacknowledged and unresolved conflicts can undermine an organization's productivity, morale, and ability to achieve its goals.

We at RAI offer a systemic approach to helping our clients build and maintain productive working relationships through anticipating, recognizing and managing conflict more appropriately. Our approach draws upon the interdependent relationship between Organizational Development (OD) theory and practice and Conflict Management theory and practice. We help our clients to develop and introduce additional tools and improved practices which in effect establish a new paradigm for managing relationships and the conflicts situations which can undermine them. Our clients learn how to supplement their use of traditional rights based conflict resolution and dispute settlement approaches (such as defined by grievance and formal complaint processes) with less formal and more flexible interest-based approaches (such as negotiation, conciliation and mediation). Just as importantly, we help our clients incorporate interest-based principles, language and learning into their organization's value system, management culture, and day-to-day operations.

Our design process ensures broad-based participation of the organization's key stakeholders in the development and application of these underlying principles, codes of practice, skills, and approaches. This helps to ensure a positive, realistic and durable influence on how people live, manage, and take responsibility for their day to day work relationships, both inside and outside the organization.

RAI offers a team of specialists skilled and experienced in interest-based conflict resolution, organization development and conflict management systems design. We work closely with leaders and representative groups within the organization. We facilitate their consideration of strategies and approaches considered appropriate to meet their needs and expectations related to being an effective conflict-competent organization. We provide professional expertise in Conflict Management Systems Design as well as excellent facilitation and technical support to internal work groups and management committees responsible for the actual development and implementation of the conflict management system. We also provide executive coaching to designated internal champions who charged with leading the implementation of an internal conflict management system.