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  Conflict Management Training

RAI offers Positive Centered workshops structured to help individuals at various levels and in different roles exercise leadership and take responsibility for preventing and managing their conflict situations.

Introducing interest-based approaches to communication, problem solving and conflict resolution is recognized as the key to building conflict-competent organizations. Through providing positive centered, interest-based learning opportunities organizations can ensure that their people have the necessary skills and tools to manage their relationship issues constructively and appropriately.

RAI offers experienced training and coaching teams who can

  • help people understand the nature of conflict and their personal and organizational responses to it,
  • develop, design and adapt a range of positive centered learning opportunities and anchored in well established interest-based principles and practices, opportunities tailored to the organization's needs
  • provide tailored, modular, and professionally delivered learning opportunities for people to develop and practice interest-based communication, negotiation and mediation skills, and
  • give people the skills, tools and confidence to manage their own conflicts appropriately.

Over the past five years, RAI has developed and delivered training programs and workshops in Interest-Based Communications and Negotiation, Conflict Management Systems Design, Mediation, and Partnering to over 500 people in more than 20 different organizations. We have also facilitated over a hundred different group processes related to relationship building and conflict resolution for organizations in all sectors of the economy.

At RAI we work in partnership with our clients to help them introduce conflict resolution training as part of an overall strategy for building an effective conflict resolving organization. Our approach is to ensure that the training component of any conflict resolution program reflects the needs and interests of people within the organization and is clearly linked to vital business goals and the relationships necessary to achieve them. Our training programs are offered at three levels of learning to reflect the diversity of interests and needs within any organization.

Level I: Awareness: To increase the level of awareness in the organization of the nature of conflict, how it works, the different types of interest based approaches that are available, when they apply, and how they relate to more traditional rights-based approaches.

Level II: Application: With the emphasis on practical application, participants acquire the knowledge, skill and confidence necessary to apply the principles and approaches of interest-based conflict resolution to their own day-to-day working relationships.

Level III: Practitioner: This more intensive level of training is directed at individuals who intend to practice as third party neutrals and facilitators of conflict resolution processes within an organization. These programs which focus on specific skills and approaches such as negotiation, mediation, and communications, explore the related theory and practice in more depth and involve considerable case work and coaching.