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  System design and Training
Working closely with the client, we facilitate the design of "interest-based" conflict management systems.
We train staff, management and others to deal appropriately with conflict.
see Conflict Management Systems Design

Interactive Workshops
We offer workshop design, coordination, facilitation and reporting to help groups achieve better problem-solving or closer collaboration. Through technologies such as videoconferencing and group software, we expand opportunities for vital group interaction and improved communication.
see Conflict Management Training

Partnering combines collaborative planning, team-building, shared vision and common goals to create successful strategic alliances and joint commercial ventures, and facilitate complex construction projects. Participants are brought together for intensive training, project review and brainstorming to identify and overcome potential obstacles to collaboration.
see Partnering

Mediation, Facilitation, Conciliation
Our expert neutrals guide parties to clarify their interests and find mutually beneficial solutions in voluntary, non-binding processes.

Private Ombuds/Conflict Resolution Specialist
Our private ombuds or conflict resolution specialist can be called upon as soon as a dispute threatens. Through "neutral fact-finding", "confidential listening", and "shuttle diplomacy", our trained professionals offer practical suggestions on how to resolve the dispute or will recommend further measures.
see Ombuds Office

Multi-stakeholder Negotiation
We help governments, business and other stakeholders recognize and address their diverse interests more effectively through facilitated negotiations and dialogue. We bring the parties to the table and structure the negotiations so that differences can be resolved based on mutual agreement.
see Multi-stakeholder Negotiation

When no negotiated settlement is possible, we have experienced arbitrators capable of rendering decisions to settle the dispute. This may be used as a back-up to mediation.